Industry Safety Compliance

ART Catering is an IADC Rig Pass Accredited Training Center.
We are also SafeGulf CompliantPEC/Premier SSQ compliant and  ISNetworld MSQ compliant.


In addition to our accredited training staff our In-House instructors are certified in:

Blood Borne Pathogens – Instructor Level
Certified BLS
AED Certification – Provider Level
ServSafe Certification
• Certified Specimen Collection Procedures
• SEMS Awareness Training Level Course audited and approved by 3rd party
• OSHA Mandatory Training in General Industry Standards
• Course in Communicable Diseases, MARSA and Hepatitis prevention measures
• Food handlers have all passed a physical examination and are not contagious with any of the tested communicable diseases and are fit for duty.


Safety Statistics

2017 0.0 245,588 No Recordable Incidents
2016 0.0 536,492 No Recordable Incidents
2014 0.0 1,216,031 No Recordable Incidents
2013 0.0 1,066,428 No Recordable Incidents
2012 0.0 1,000,599 No Recordable Incidents
2011 0.26 758,591 1 Recordable Incidents
- Pinched finger- 7 days restriction
2010 0.22 891,456 No Recordable Incidents
- 14 ART personnel evacuated from the Horizon
- 13 medically evacuated, released to RTW
- 1 received 3 sutures

Safety Policy, Procedures and Training

ART Catering has a Behavior Based Observation Program (ARTSHAR) including a trend analysis follow-up to pinpoint areas of concern.

Employees also participate in our client’s Behavior Based Observation Program:

• ART Catering has a Short Service Employee and Mentor Program• We mange our changes with a documented Management of Change Program
• Field Supervisors conduct routine safety audits during each rig visit
• On Site Supervisors complete a comprehensive Weekly Safety Audit including Hazard Assessments, Hazard Identification and Safety Improvements
• Accident Investigation/Accident Action Items, RCA’s
• Conduct Daily Pre-Tower Safety Meeting and Weekly 30 Minute HSE Meetings
• Job Safety Analysis Training/JSAs written pre-task

Mandatory Identification and Certifications

The following identification and certifications are in the possession of all of our offshore employees at all times. Copies of these documents are also in the employee’s file.
• Current Federal or State Picture ID
• Updated Health Card – Fit to Work
• Water Survival/HUET
• IADC Rig Pass
• ART Catering Completion of Orientation Training Certificate
• Safe Food Handling in the Galley
• Stop Work Authority Card
• TWIC card



Safe-Zone Safety Systems Onsite Audit, Auditor Ron Holman, HSE Consultant Safety & Training – SEMS 3rd party auditor for Freeport-McMoRan. Passed 100%, July 2015

Vantage Drilling Onsite HSE Assessment Audit – Auditor Sidney I. Ramblin, Vantage QHSE Manager, Passed 100% compliant, June 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015     “Linda/Albert, let me just start with a thanks for your excellence.
Yesterday was very refreshing! …ART Catering is a 10.
I’ve worked and done assessments audit/verification on others related to the catering game!
To be quite honest they could and take a page from ART. Thanks Again”
Sidney I. Rambin II QHSE Manager, Vantage Drilling

J. Connor Consulting, Inc – 3rd party SEMS Training Analysis auditor hired by Vantage Drilling.  Audit completed electronically as requested. 100% compliant as required by Vantage Drilling, updated for each new personnel assigned to the Titanium Explorer, February 9, 2015 to present

BHP Billiton Ltd. Onsite Audit, Auditor Victor E. Blalack III Sr. HSE Specialist BHPB/GOMPU – Passed 100% compliant, May 2014

Wednesday, July 09, 2014     “Hi Linda, everything went very well.  No issues what so ever…
Y’all are doing a wonderful job.  Keep it up.  Thanks –Vic”
Victor E. Blalack III   Sr. HSE Specialist   BHPB/GOMPU HSE

International Association Drilling Contractors(IADC) Onsite Audit, Auditor John Auth, Auth-entic Safety Services, Inc., March 2013

IADC Onsite Audit – Passed 100% compliant – Maintained Certificate of Accreditation Provider Training Facility
IADC Onsite Audi -   Passed 100% compliant – IADC Competence Assurance Accreditation Training Provider
IADC onsite Audit – Passed 100% compliant – SEMS Orientation Awareness Training Provider

ART Catering, Inc.(EMS) Environmental Management System Program 3rd party audit – Passed 100% compliant Auditor Joe Simon, Environmental Auditors of America, May 2012

Chevron E&P Co. GoM CHESM Joint Audit  (Protocol 2012) Onsite Auditor Lance Roux – Passed 100% compliant, August 2012

BP Onsite Audit  – Auditor Charles Simpson – Passed 100% compliant, February 2010

International Association Drilling Contractors (IADC) Onsite Audit, Auditor John Auth, International Association Drilling Contractors. Passed 100% compliant and maintained our Certificate of Accreditation as IADC Provider Training Facility, June 2009

TransoceanOnsite Audit, Auditor James Parr – Passed 100% compliant, April 2009

BHP Billiton Ltd. Onsite Audit, Auditor Roger Molaison – Passed 100% compliant, February 2009

Chevron E&P Co. Joint Contractor On-Site Audit, Auditor Jim Shackelford  –  Passed 100% compliant,  March 2008

ISNetworld, MSQ- 100% complete for all clients, updated as requested

ISNetworld RAVs (Review and Verification Service) compliances required by our clients  – 100% complete, updated as requested

ISNetworld 14 year Member Certificate awarded in good standing since July 2003.  As of end 2017 we are 14 years in good standing with ISN.